My eyes and ears were opened

My eyes and ears were opened

These were all answers/lessons I was looking for from God

My Alpha journey started last year. On the Alpha weekend I realised that the Lord wanted me to serve Him. I’m in HR and recruitment so I just thought it was to place more people in jobs. But this year I realised that it was more than that. God has a plan for all of us and mine is to serve Him by bringing His people closer to Him. The Lord has lead me to guide my church’s Youth Group and also to become a leader of an Alpha team. 

When I went on our weekend away my primary objective was to pray for clarity and direction from the Lord. I asked Gary and Anne to pray for me and I could feel the Lord speaking to me at that moment. On the Friday night before we were asked to meet 3 new people that weekend, and each of these encounters prove to show God active in my life. I first met Grant, who had recently lost his job as a Financial Manager. I told him that I was in recruitment and he should send me his CV so I could help. This was the Lord telling me that I should continue to find His people employment. Then I met Glynn, who had worked for over 50 years and is one of the most dedicated people I know.  He spends more of his time giving back and helping others. This was God telling that I should spend more of my time doing things for the less fortunate. Thirdly I met Arthur and I spent more time with him that anyone else. He is a principal and he loves working with young people and going to schools that are not performing well and turning them around. School pupils and teachers look up to him. But his passion meant that his family used to move around a lot, his children never settled in one place long enough to make friends, and he neglected his wife. This encounter taught me how to overcome the pressures of leadership and how to balance life. 

These were all answers/lessons I was looking for from God. I just had to receive the Holy Spirit in order to open my ears and eyes to see the Lord had answered me.  Muziwandile Mkhwanazi

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