From Depression to Exhilaration

From Depression to Exhilaration

Lynn had a husband, two children, a great job, and an otherwise ordinary existence. Despite living a desirable life, she felt something was missing.  Even while on holiday in Knysna, she was depressed and suffering from insomnia, wondering if her life was worth living.

An active part of the African Methodist episcopal Church and, later, the Community of Faith church since her teens, Lynn participated in church and contributed to projects uplifting those less fortunate. Still, the niggling feelings of restlessness and emptiness persisted.

In May 2016, Lynn attended Alpha in the hope of finding peace. When asked what changed for Lynn, she answered, “After Alpha, for the first time I have this overwhelming knowledge that God exists. I will never be the same again."

“Alpha brought new life into the church, changing the relationships between the people who attended the series, and helping me to read my Bible differently.  I now feel God's steadfast love and am able to pray with conviction."

“What impressed me about Alpha is that there was no judgment. The leaders had an amazing way of showing us that God loves us."

Even though Lynn still faces the difficulties of day to day life, after Alpha she now has what she describes as "an amazing comforting assurance and feeling of protection". 

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