Just in Time

Just in Time

Jacky seemed to have it all together... a fun-loving personality, happy marriage, beautiful children. In reality, she was in serious debt and could not shake her deep depression.

She got in her car and headed toward Knysna Heads, where she planned to drive over the edge and into the ocean to end her life. When her cellphone rang, her plans were interrupted by her friend's mother inviting her and her husband to attend an Alpha at her local church. 

Attending Alpha really opened her eyes to who Jesus is.

Alpha was to be the beginning of Jacky and her family’s journey with Jesus. She began the Alpha with great suspicion (thinking religious types just "phoned home to God") and ended up with a life altered, a family changed and renewed purpose.

Attending Alpha really opened her eyes to who Jesus is. Jacky tells how she and Bruce, her husband, were amazed by the patience that the Alpha facilitators showed them, how no question was out of bounds. The gentleness and kindness led them to see that following Jesus was not about keeping rules, that they were endlessly loved, and that grace and love were present at the cross. The Holy Spirit weekend was an experience that invited Jacky deeper into her journey with Jesus. Over this time they began attending the Knysna Vineyard church with Pastor James Van Heerden. After coming to Christ the family have helped run five Alphas and recently Bruce started running Youth Alpha.

Prior to attending Alpha, neither Jacky nor Bruce had read the Bible. She credits the booklet with giving her a good platform, and Alpha for giving her a hunger for Christ. Even after having gone through Alpha six times, Jacky talks about how she still learns something every time. The opportunities and doors that Jesus has opened for the Hendry's since coming to faith have both completely overwhelmed and surprised the family. 

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