No Longer a Stranger

No Longer a Stranger

His plan to go to White River and stay with cousins when he first arrived did not work out; something Layce now believes was part of God’s plan to change his life as he needed to meet the people to whom he was introduced: “I think it was all part of God’s plan as he was calling me”.

I already knew that God loved me, because he lifted me from bottomless pits over and over again, but what I did not know was the enormity of His love. “I also met Michelle from the Methodist Church and she introduced me to more people,” says Layce, who started to feel more at home as he joined a small group. He shared his story about his life in Mozambique and the hard parts about his family with the group. “They prayed for me and it meant so much to me and made me feel welcome,” he says. “We prayed for my complicated relationship with my father, who I have not spoken with in four years, and we are waiting to see what is going to happen as God answers.”

Layce was 23 years old when he got his first Bible and it has become a treasured possession. “I even sleep with my Bible as I fall asleep reading it,” he laughs, “and I now know God and feel safe.” He has also downloaded an English version on his phone and it is helping him improve his English at the same time.

“I can say that the Bible, Alpha, Jesus Christ, God – have changed my life and now I’m looking forward to helping people, to change their lives, as mine was changed.” He has made many new friends since being in South Africa and has a desire to see them all find the peace and love of God the way he has. “Sometimes they will come to church with me, but most don’t have Jesus Christ in their heart,” he says, “but I would like to help them all get closer to the church so they can have the opportunity to meet Jesus too.” He believes strongly that things are changing though. “I participated in Youth Alpha this year and invited everyone I could to join in, and I think I made a difference because some said yes, they are happy, they are now coming to church and I can see their lives are going to change.” 

I would like to help them all get closer to the church so they can have the opportunity to meet Jesus too.

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