I found God in the middle of the ocean

I found God in the middle of the ocean

In training for his first Ironman (known as the toughest 1-day race) with a group of triathletes one very windy Saturday morning in East London a few years ago, Dane Herman was swimming in a very choppy, boisterous ocean.  The huge swells were terrifying.

"I was approximately 300 metres off shore fighting huge waves, just trying to survive this session. Wave after wave pummelled me, I tried to remember what my coach said, “Stay streamlined, duck under the waves." But when you are being swamped by giant swells you start to feel very small in a massive ocean. Suddenly fear gripped me; I thought I was going to drown."

"I stopped swimming for a moment and did something I very seldom did... I prayed. Immediately I felt an indescribable peace in the middle of a turbulent, very large ocean.  I swam through that ocean for more than an hour, without the waves bothering me again."

"April came around and I completed my first Ironman triathlon and was on top of the world. The feeling when I crossed the finish line was incredible.  I had just completed the toughest one-day race in the world. As I sit writing now, I can only imagine that entering heaven will be a million times better. 

"A few weeks after my fateful practice swim, our friends told us about St. Alban's Anglican Church in East London that they used to attend. When we visited it, I saw a notice about Alpha on the church notice board. I had no idea what Alpha was about, but told my wife that it  seemed like a nice Bible study course.  I also had no idea that the Lord had plans for me!"

We started Alpha and diligently attended the sessions every week.  The love, acceptance and unity which we experienced are what attracted us back, week after week. At the end of the course we decided to accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. That was the greatest moment in my life."

The love, acceptance and unity we experienced at Alpha attracted us back, week after week

The following year, in January, Dane's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. His wife survived the cancer after undergoing a number of treatments. Feeling God's presence through her journey, strengthened their relationship with God.  

"I read a book called, When Heaven Invades Earth, by Bill Johnson and was in awe of how the Lord used them to heal people etc. I am a former firefighter, I have rescued thousands of people and wanted more of this supernatural power of God that could work through me. We became very interested in the supernatural ministry. We prayed for sick people and we saw the Lord heal them instantly. I believed everything that the Lord said, because He doesn't lie. I once contracted tick bite fever. That same evening I worshipped the Lord, and when I stopped speaking I discovered that I was completely healed."

"God is so good, and it is our desire to tell people about His love for them and how God sees them. My wife and I have both studied theology and completed our diplomas in ministry.  We have also attended the School of Supernatural Life. We have both been called into ministry, and currently assist ministers and ministries. We would both highly recommend Alpha to any person wanting to form a relationship with the Lord."

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