From Skeptic to Pastor

From Skeptic to Pastor

Richard was skeptical, but when he saw the change in his wife, Andrea, after she attended an Alpha. He wanted what she had and, ten years on, he is now a resident pastor at The Crossing Church!  He graciously shares his story below:

"Before going on Alpha I thought I had it all. Great job , amazing home, awesome car and I had married the girl of my dreams. I felt my life was complete.

Then Andrea went on Alpha and, over the course of the ten weeks, I noticed a difference in her. She didn’t speak much about Alpha and she definitely didn’t try and sell Christianity to me. But over the months after she did Alpha I noticed an amazing change in her, she was more content, full of life, joyful, at peace. 

I began to realise that my life was not as perfect as i thought. that in fact it was hollow. For everything I had achieved, for everything I had, I realised there was something missing. I wanted what Andrea had.

Alpha was a great time of exploring. I question everything and pursue understanding relentlessly. My table leader was an amazing lady who gave me the space to ask questions and grace to allow me to work through them and form my own conclusions.

The highlight of the Alpha course was the Holy Spirit weekend, I had come to realise that the thing missing in my life was a loving relationship with my Creator. It was the revelation that Christianity is not a religion but a relationship that opened my eyes and my heart. I gave my life to Christ and was filled to overflowing with the Spirit that night.

From that moment on my life changed. I felt an immediate calling on my life to tell others about this amazing gift I had received. I have spent the years since that night inviting people to meet my Jesus.

I have served on Alpha courses for the last ten years and truly believe that Jesus does amazing things in the lives of the people who attend the course.

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