Open Eyes

Open Eyes

My life before I did the Alpha course was very dull, dark and deceiving.  I was busy with wrong stuff such as drinking alcohol every weekend. The weekends then became too short for me, so I drank  during the week too, which was very worrying.  

Before I did the Alpha course I wasn't a regular church going person, I never felt the need to attend church, never listened to gospel music and didn't read the Bible at all.  I was always in the wrong crowd, ended up in trouble,doing the wrong things etc.

My mother told me about the Alpha course which she and my sister also did at St Martin's in Bergvliet a year ago.  

I thought “It’s a new year”, and decided to do the course to see what it’s all about.  I’m so glad I did the course.


I had a praying relationship with the Lord, and that's how I also knew that he is my saviour, but I did not live a righteous life.  Now I go to church often, I pray more, I listen to Gospel music and read my Bible slightly more.

My Alpha Holy spirit weekend was wonderful.

When I got there I felt a bit lost though as I thought to myself, "Do I even belong here?", then decided I will just go with the flow and because I know our Almighty won't take me or put me in a place I don't belong .

My room number where my roommates and I slept was no:22 which is my age, then I started thinking the Lord is busy with me and has plans this weekend with me. It was confirmation to me that I belonged there.

I then repented and gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ, that was my best decision I ever made.  My life has changed dramatically since then, I am no longer blindfolded.

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