Puledi Thepa - Everything Changed

Puledi Thepa - Everything Changed

For the last few months I’ve been in a season of waiting. I felt I needed to earnestly wait for the next season to begin, but if I am honest I’m not the most patient person… When I hear God give me direction in my life, as with a lot of people, we expect it now.

I wouldn’t say I had any specific questions I needed answered but Alpha was exactly what I needed in my season of waiting. It gave me an opportunity to examine my beliefs even as a Christ Follower and work through issues I thought I’d dealt with. I nearly missed out on the experience, I’d heard of Alpha before but I thought it was for people who didn’t have a relationship with Jesus.

To be honest I accepted an invitation to the launch dinner to be courteous… But the more I listened to the introductory video I heard God say that this is where you need to be and to start your next chapter you need to reaffirm your belief in me and what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Sounds so cliché to say everything changed but…EVERYTHING changed. The way I thought, the way my spirit responded to Jesus…so much so that my face even changed after the ‘Holy Spirit’ weekend, my Alpha table facilitators said I was glowing with what I think can only be the peace of His Spirit. Committing to attending Alpha was my first step to recommitting my life to Jesus and reigniting my love for His church and His plans for me.

Alpha gave me the friends & church family I’d been seeking for a long time and if you’re needing just that then Alpha is for you... Alpha is for everyone. 

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