Victor Mbata - It's All About Jesus

Victor Mbata - It's All About Jesus

Victor is an ex-offender who is now involved in running Alpha in the prisons as well as helping to start Alpha at his local church with the view of also eventually even helping other churches to run Alpha.

When Victor found himself, near the end of his prison sentence, in Leeuwkop Medium B (Juvenile) facility, he was already a born again believer and had no intention of doing a course 'just to get a certificate'. His friend, however, was determined to do Alpha, and so Victor went along.

He discovered that Alpha was all about Jesus. Alpha helped him to get perspective on some of the questions he had been wrestling with - why Jesus died and why God allows suffering.

Now Victor is sure of Alpha's effectiveness to touch the lives of even born again believers, and he is passionate about spreading it far and wide!

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