From a Pastor's perspective...

From a Pastor's perspective...

After attending Run Alpha 2016, Ps Angie Govinden felt the time was right to plan an Alpha at Hebron International Ministries.  

"Once I had the support of the Church Leadership, we got the ball rolling with the help of Alpha's Western Cape Coordinator, Debbie, and Cedric Newton, an Alpha Western Cape coach."
"Whilst I have been talking about doing Alpha at Hebron Int. Ministries (HIM) for a while, It has finally come to fruition!  With much trepidation we started the first week. I was concerned that the online training was not enough to equip the leaders and we were going into this blind. In his experience, however, Cedric was confident that all would be fine.

The first week we started off with 40 people. It was beyond my expectation. The next week increased to about 50 - both young and old.  It was amazing.

We are encouraged by more than just the increase in Alpha attendance  - there has been such an engagement amongst the people with regards to discussions and the videos and it has created an excitement about our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Last weekend was our Holy Spirit day away.  The anointing and presence of God was felt in such a tangible way. The Sunday service was a testimony to the move of His Spirit. This reminded me that people are thirsty for God and want to experience HIM in HIS POWER and PRESENCE.

Not only has the number of attendees at Alpha increased to about 60, but many have given their hearts to God, including a Muslim lady and her son - who have been in every service since then. Also people from other churches have joined us at Alpha.  One of the congregants commented that she was glad that I had brought this course into the church.

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end. It is bitter sweet, but it has been an awesome experience for those that attended. 

As a pastor, I would encourage others to introduce Alpha to their congregations as it is great tool for evangelism, especially if your youth group is dwindling.
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We were truly amazed that we had more young people under 30 in our sessions, which meant they were in church rather than being on the street!

Alpha creates a non threatening environment for people to come to know God. Alpha is helping me to realise my vision to see more young people come to know Christ and be empowered to be the best that HE has destined to be!

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