How Alpha Changed Our Youth

How Alpha Changed Our Youth

Speaking the language of the youth is much easier said than done.  At Constantiakruin Congegration we were researching different methods of communicating the gospel, in a context relevant manner, to the confirmation group.  In our search for material, with a youth vibe, to use as part of our final year confession preparation, Alpha for Youth was suggested. 

The Alpha team came to visit, listened to our requirements and tailored the course to our unique context in a loving, caring, compassionate and responsible manner.  The congregation looked for a course that would facilitate group dynamics, confront the youth with the seriousness of the gospel without offending them, help shape spiritual concepts and introduce them to topics such as the Holy Spirit and the true power of prayer.

Alpha for Youth did just that and more. The youth group became so tightly knit that they began to pray for one another spontaneously, but what was greater was that they had the courage to go to their teachers and start praying for them.  They testified to how Alpha helped to shape their thoughts in order to formulate what they believed and why.  The leaders and helpers created such a safe environment with so much compassion and love where the youth group felt comfortable enough to be taught, guided, prayed for and at peace.

The impact of Alpha was so great that one of the other groups in the congregation, with no link to the youth, heard the wonderful testimonies and asked to have their own Alpha.

Thank you to the Alpha team, you created eternal joy.

Dr. Wicus van der Merwe: Minister

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