This is what we need!

This is what we need!

At Godfirst Tembisa we have discovered that many people in our community are not engaging with the Bible and with the truths of Christianity for themselves, but rather completely trusting in what others say. 

This had led to many being people being led astray by false teachings and a disconnect in knowing how to follow Jesus in the everyday stuff of life for themselves. 

We were praying about how we could encourage a new culture of discovering Jesus for ourselves and then thought about running a youth Alpha series. 

We love that Alpha is about asking questions and about digging deeper ourselves into the claims and truths of Jesus Christ. 

From the first week we heard some of our youth saying "Where did Alpha come from? This is what we need!" 

We haven't stuck exactly to the normal way of doing Alpha and we are allowing youth to join in each week as we run Alpha as part of our youth ministry. But interesting enough, each week we have more and more new youth attending as they hear from friends about the Alpha series at Godfirst Tembisa.

Adam Bull, Youth Pastor at Godfirst Tembisa

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