"I can feel my skin again!"

"I can feel my skin again!"

Growing up in a mixed faith family, Nikita felt connected to God, but she wasn’t sure about Jesus or which God she was praying to.

She had a difficult childhood and at school she felt isolated and different to others, experiencing bullying in primary school and an assault in high school. Her self-esteem was being chipped away and a once lively girl became quiet and reserved.

2017 started out rough for Nikita. She had experienced the loss of a pet, a failed semester at university and her granny was very sick. She found herself crying out: “God what are you doing to me?!” 

A doctors consultation left Nikita feeling a deep hole in her soul. During the examination she felt extremely uncomfortable as boundaries were crossed that never should never been. It took a week to summon the courage to talk about this experience of sexual assault with her mother. Nikita’s world was shaken, she was angry and confused, and she told God that she was done with him!

A few weeks later Nikita’s mother encouraged her to try Alpha at Grace Family Church in uMhlanga. The first week came and went, and the second, but eventually Nikita attended Alpha from the third week. She was looking for a safe space, for someone to tell her that everything would be ok. It was in her Alpha group that she found this safe space. For the first time in years Nikita felt a peace. On the weekend away she cried out to God for healing and wholeness, and to feel herself again.

She had a personal encounter with Jesus in which he wrapped his arms around her and she immediately felt new, accepted and whole. The weekend was a turning point for Nikita towards self-acceptance. She said: “My skin that had lost feeling from all that happened felt like mine again.”

Motivated and encouraged by her Alpha group Nikita’s journey with God has grown from strength to strength. She is a committed member of her church and seeks to encourage others on their journey also. She hopes to help on the next Alpha team.

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