No more fear!

No more fear!

Cervania Williams works for a charity and at the suggestion of her leader and friend decided to try Alpha out to see if it was worth running for the young people their organisation serves.

"I have always been an outgoing woman on the outside, always laughing, but I was bound by fear on the inside and had no idea about how God really sees me," says Cervania. "I had asked God to show me what it means to be a dad to me."

She was filled with excuses not to attend the Alpha weekend, not realising that this to be the start of something new God wanted to show her. "I was prayed for to be filled with the Holy Spirit and for the first time I didn't feel afraid."

Through Alpha Cervania realised she had been a religious person, but had not discovered a relationship with God, and for the first time she was able to talk to others about her relationship with God without fear or shame.

Cervania has enrolled at Bible College and is boldy facing challenges, stronger in her God given identity. She says: "I am forever grateful for the opportunity to attend Alpha, and for the leaders who walked with me and remain standing with me to this day.  No longer a lamp under the bed - I will shine for Jesus!"

Cervania attended Alpha at St Martin's, Bergvliet, in Cape Town.

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