Alpha in Prison Changing Hearts and Changing Lives

Alpha in Prison Changing Hearts and Changing Lives

Department of Correctional Services – Gauteng, endorsement

The Director of Spiritual Care Services within the Department of Correctional Services in Pretoria, Menzi Mkhathini, says that the serious challenge that we are facing in South Africa is the high rate of recidivism (reoffending of former in-mates). Ex-offenders get back into society, but they get frustrated there because of the stigmatisation attached to offended behaviour, and so they relapse and commit crime again and find themselves back in our facilities.  

He shares that “through the help of Alpha, we have seen the great strides that we have made in terms of curbing recidivism. Alpha’s contribution has been great over the last 10 years since I have been involved, and what is interesting is that it is attracting more young people. Statistically in SA we have more than 65% young offenders, and Alpha targets this age group which is great for us. The young offenders can embark on rehabilitation through Alpha and as converted adults they can be reintegrated into society and become good citizens.”

“We are encouraging churches: that through the rebuilding of communities and reconciliation and grace, let churches participate in terms of journeying with the inmates so that there can be a period of reconciliation, and we can ensure that they have a good support system within a community once they are back in society”.

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