How Alpha Served Our Church

How Alpha Served Our Church

Before I attended an Alpha course I was working in the Church as the Manager. I was a distance away from congregants. I relied on my preaching as well as healing and counselling ministries.

Now I know that the easiest way to heal and counsel a person is when asking questions randomly within the church service. When you start asking a question everyone prepares to answer fairly and ask question openly with a high expectation to get a proper answer from me quoting from scriptures. People most of the time stays with unanswered questions about their life and God. 

Is there anyone that lived the life that I am living in the Bible? How did God manage to intervene in their lives? Does God know about my current life?

I had a question as well as a preacher for a long time about the Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit. In Alpha training I asked the same question when we were learning about Holy Spirit. How can I be filled with the Holy spirit? How many of our congregants also need answers on what is confusing in their lives. Really Alpha brought a very good light in our lives. Most people go to churches every week with questions unanswered until some decide to backslide. Some become rebellious in the church or home. If we do not get a platform to ask spiritual questions we end up failing to bring solutions and answers as the Shepherds to the God's sheep. That is why Christ was sitting amongst the people all the time. They were asking him questions. He was spending most of his time answering and questioning people but we do not do that. We become unreachable for our people. Thank you ALPHA. you are a Champion. I wish all Shepherds or Church leaders could attend or run it. Keep it up

Jesus Christ Is Our Sheperd Ministry, Ekangala,Bronkhorstpruit

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