Alpha inspires creativity and healing

Alpha inspires creativity and healing

In 2018 we had the pleasure of bringing the Alpha Youth series to a Parish in Mulbarton, Johannesburg South and it was an amazing success. The transformation and the work of the Holy Spirit was phenomenal.

Through the impact of our Alpha One of their amazing Youths Ree wrote an amazing poem about his Alpha experience and shared it with us . Ree shared his experience of what Life was like before and after he did Alpha.

 Life Before Alpha.

I am highly introverted and a socially exclusive individual. I wasn't really all that keen on going to Alpha but my sister wanted to go, so my mom forced me to go with her. Admittedly i was not initially impressed, as everything seemed a little too nice - a little too "Jesus'y" for my liking. I was at the time under the impression that anything that seems too good to be true, probably is. Nevertheless, I was interested in the idea of Christianity and open dialogue which is what kept me coming back for more every week, to the extent that my academics came second to attend the weekend away. In short, life before Alpha was not incomplete or gloomy necessarily, but rather limited and shallow.

 Life After Alpha.

A lot more energy for Christ and the community in general. I came to realize that i am deeply captivated by people's experiences, thoughts and endeavours (which played a key role in helping to discern what I'm going to do with my life going forward). I formed relationships and bonds with people I have only gotten closer to over time. In all honesty I would say the team of leaders and youth staff at the event were probably the highlight of the entire experience. If you had to ask what any of the videos and conversations were about, I probably wouldn't have a clue (really clean transitions though and interesting hosts), but i could easily rattle off a list with all the names of the leaders and a basic synopsis of their effect on me and my thoughts on Christianity as a whole. All in all, i want to say Alpha was a life changing experience, that Alpha did exactly what it sought out to do, I managed to somehow meet the team halfway and nothing has been the same ever since.



Co-Written By: Raquel And Ree.

I was always a Christian in Church,

But my mem’ry ain’t perfect -

So the rest of the week I forgot who I served.

One day I got bored

Said, “ Let’s give him a call ”

Put my hands together, listened.

But heard nothing at all.


As the silence grew louder

And I grew impatient,

I said, “ You must be crazy if you think I’m waiting

My time won’t be wasted on kneeling and praying,

I might as well sell out and spend time with satan.”

I mean what the hell am I praying for?

I can’t live off truth,

From now I only hear satan’s calls,

I’m hanging up on you.

Problem was,

At the back of my mind I always knew there was a Saviour,

I mean look around you, nothing else can keep us safe here.

Thought, why would he just go up to heaven, leave us with pages -

And force us to go spread his word, throughout the nations.

I said, “Aah forget it, there’s better things to do tonight.”

I felt comfortable living a purposeless life,

Threw my hopes out the window, kissed Jesus Goodbye

Left my heart in a freezer and woke up to ice,

As all of my loved one’s turned cold overnight.

Funny thing about it all is, I felt alright.

I despised drugs,

Hated hugs

And thought faith was hilarious.


By no means a bad kid,

Maybe a little delirious.

I was numb to the pain,

I was numb to the joy,

I was numb to the crowds,

It was all just annoying.

 Keyword - WAS.

See even though my heart wasn’t in it I prayed through it all,

The fact that ‘GOD’ was listening didn’t shake me at all,

I screamed and I folded hands whether he or she liked it or not,

This Character,

I mean Christ,

Was gonna know who I was.

Then I heard a voice say,

“ Son I know who you are,

You run from your fears and you're scared of your scars,

I know your deserted and iced to the core,

But son you're the purpose of what I came for.

I love like the son and I’ll warm up your heart,

Cause to me you are perfect, come just as you are. ”

As I rubbed on my eyes and I pinched on my shoulder

I said, “ Jesus Christ, am I talking to Jehovah?”

He said,” Watch your profanity you’re filled with the spirit,

Son I wrote you a song, I’d be glad if you’d hear it.


It goes,

One and Two and Three and Four,

For years I’ve knocked upon your door,

I knocked until my hands were torn,

But even then you still ignored.

I never left I knocked some more,

I heard you scream, ‘ Who’s at the door?’

I knocked once more and you locked the door,

I said nice try, I walk through walls.


I got inside and saw the pain

Your smile can’t hide behind your face.

I knew your hopes had flown away

And how you thought to hell you pray.

I saw your tiny spark of faith,

You said, ‘Lord, have you come my soul to take?’

As I lit a flame for all your prayers,

I said, Son, well I ain’t no Debonairs.”

I said good song but what’s your name,

Primarily Christ but it can change,

In fact it changes everyday

So here’s a list with all my names.

It goes Christ, Steph, Raquel, Chanee,

Nicole, Erin, KB, Chunaid, Nikk..

I said woah, woah,ok,ok.

The rest I’ll learn along the way

 My biggest vice up-till-this-date is,

True Faith can’t be explained.

Don’t get me wrong, the Bible’s great,

But rightly told it’s all in praying.

We need to talk, we need to ask.

It’s a conversation not Bible class,

Keep in mind He knows your smart,

But what He wants is in your heart.

 And I bear witness to the heart of GOD,

My Hope is back and my Faith is strong,

Satan still tryna kick it, he can on these rocks,

He acting in charge but he knows who the boss is,


When month end comes around,

Someone gon’ be tapping their pockets.

GOD ain’t good, no GOD is great,

Lift up your hands and give him praise,

Prepare your mind for better days,

For now,

Some silence,

Be still and pray.


 I was always a Christian in Church

And my mem’ry still ain’t perfect,

But at least I’ll always remember,

The Power I’m Serving.




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