Alpha showed me how Jesus heals

Alpha showed me how Jesus heals

I am 56 years old.  In 1965 I had my first epilepsy fit.  Looking back at my life, I was raised in a very over protective manner.  During my school days I suffered due to rejection, spending most of my days alone. 

 On 10 November 2008 my heart broke, my dad passed away.  For the first five years tears would constantly run down my face. One night my pillow was wet, as tears just ran constantly. 

But I always knew that the Lord would set me free. 

I attended an Alpha course at Frontline People Church.  On the Saturday of the weekend away, Hendrik and Maria who were also attending Alpha, prayed for me.  I had been struggling with the side effects of my epilepsy medication.  

Since the beginning of October, I was feeling sick, nauseous, dizzy and afraid.  I was just not myself at all.  Hendrik and Maria prayed and drove out the spirit of rejection, spirit of fear and spirit of epilepsy.  When Hendrick said amen, I felt the deliverance.  Hendrick hugged me and embraced me like a father, I felt so much healing. 

God Himself gave me back my confidence.  He transformed me into the anointed man He wants me to be.  I am no longer having side effects from my epilepsy medication.  My close friends have also testified that I am a different person since that day, that I have a changed attitude, I don’t lose my temper and I am more positive. 


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