Exploring Life, Faith and Meaning: The Alpha Youth Series with African interviews

Exploring Life, Faith and Meaning: The Alpha Youth Series with African interviews

Africa is currently home to an estimated 19% of the global youth population with over 41% under the age of 15 years old and 20% between the ages of 15 and 24 years old.

By 2050, six of the world’s most populous countries will be in Africa. These numbers spell out an incredible opportunity available for the sharing of the gospel to help young people in Africa discover and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and transform their lives.

This opportunity was presented to Julius through the Alpha Youth Series.

Julius is a young man from Nanyuki in the Laikipia County of Kenya. He grew up attending church but never really had a relationship with God. In 2008, while nursing his ill mother, a friend invited him to try Alpha. Julius was shy at first, but everyone was warm and inviting and soon he felt comfortable enough to ask the questions about life and faith that he had been holding in. At the end of the series, Julius had become a committed Christian and had developed a relationship with God. Julius now volunteers for the Alpha team, running Alpha for teens in his community.

Like Julius, many young people in Africa and around the world are grappling with issues around their identity, faith, life and meaning. The Africa Alpha Youth Series is designed to help young people explore Christianity in a safe non-judgmental space. It speaks to the thirst in the younger generation to learn more, decide for themselves and ask the questions they have in a comfortable space.

In 2018 Alpha is proud to launch the new Alpha Youth Series with African interviews!

 While it maintains its global appeal, the updated series contains new street interviews filmed in three African cities; Nairobi, Johannesburg and Lagos.  Young people around the continent are now represented in the series. Young people will hear the thoughts and feelings other young people in Africa have, to some of life’s big questions.

Ben Woodman, the Host of Alpha Youth Series and Head of Youth Development for Alpha International says that “By adding new African interviews - our dream is to better equip the African Church in their mission to help people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus.”

The recipe for Alpha Youth Series with African interviews, like the Alpha course remains the same: Food, Talk, Discussion.

Gathering together over a meal is one of the principles of Alpha, as it allows people to sit together, eat together, and share great conversations together. So, whether it’s a simple snack, a light meal or a full meal, Alpha always starts with food.

This is then followed by a 20-25-minute video which unpacks basics of the Christian faith in a fun and engaging manner. Throughout each episode, there are three discussion breaks. These breaks give a chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic and discuss them in small groups. Along the way there are opportunities to experience worship through music and moments for prayer.

These resources are available for all churches and organisations across the continent through the Alpha website.

While the series will serve as an invitational evangelisation tool for young people dealing with the idea and existence of God, it will also serve as a fantastic tool for Churches to engage their congregation members especially the youth as they go deeper in what they've been taught all their life, giving them the tools to discover a personal faith rather than just ‘attending’ church. The Alpha Youth Series plays a key role in the evangelisation of Africa and revitalisation of local churches by equipping and resourcing them with an evangelistic tool that is modern, relevant and appealing, especially to the fast-growing youth population.


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