Sacha's Story

Sacha's Story

I came from a Jewish upbringing. My mom had converted from Christianity to Judaism to marry my dad. We never really went to shul other than high holy days, so never really felt like I was part of the Jewish traditions.   Growing up into my early twenties I was always searching for something, exploring my spirituality, going to mediums, exploring Buddhism, Kabballah, esoteric avenues and many self-help courses. Never feeling quite satisfied or fulfilled, still unhappy, still searching for something.

After being divorced by 22, I was living with a boyfriend at 28 who urged me to put my beliefs in a box, saying I couldn’t take bits and pieces of various beliefs and make it my own.  He searched for an Alpha near me and found one on my door step.  I did two Alpha’s before I gave my life to Jesus and God opened my eyes to ways that needed to change. I needed to let go of old ways, hurts, resentments and anger towards my parents and ex-husband.  I broke up with boyfriend at the time too, realising that I was living in sin and I wanted to journey with Jesus for my healing and restoration.

I needed hope, healing and joy, that was what Jesus gave me.  From a dysfunctional family I had a lot of learnt behaviours and poor modelling and was navigating through life with no direction and feeling hopeless.   Just after I invited Jesus into my heart, my mom had a massive stroke with no medical aid.   Being an only child, I faced a mountain of medical bills and hard decisions to make.  Every month, through some different blessing, we made it through.  Somehow a policy paid out, we received gifts from people, I managed to get an extra work deal -it was only God’s provision in my life over that time.

During this challenging time God blessed me with a second chance with a life partner. He brought the most Godly, kind, gentle man – just for me. Despite my extra baggage we got engaged after 5 months and married within the year. We have attended Alpha Pre-marriage, Marriage and Parenting Courses – all of which have enriched our lives and relationship, and given us a strong biblical foundation, open communication and practical steps in both marriage and parenting.  We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this year and have 3 precious children.

Before my parents died they both attended Alpha, were baptised and formed a community that loved them.

What did Alpha do for my family? It introduced us to Jesus - He gave us hope when there was none, He has given us peace when we faced major struggles and trauma in our lives. He restored broken relationships and brought healing.  It’s just me left, and through Alpha by knowing Jesus I have found belonging.

I now have the privilege of working for Alpha South Africa and seeing the impact of Jesus in people’s lives. He changes lives.

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