Fisantekraal Centre for Development's Story

Fisantekraal Centre for Development's Story

Alpha in Fisantekraal In May 2018

After praying for almost a year, we were finally invited into Fisantekraal to introduce Alpha to a few community leaders. We hope to train the people to take Alpha into their own homes and use it as intended - as an evangelism tool. Our introductory evening was held on the street around a fire, and we viewed the video clips on a house wall. We had approximately 40-60 people (Including lots of children who came for the free sandwiches).

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Shortly after our start I arrived to kick off our session four, only to find that the church was under renovation and we had to try and source another venue. After a one-week postponement we managed to make use of a tent church.

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The facilitators who helped and the odd visitor we had joining us managed to provide some sandwiches or hotdogs as an evening snack - being a poor community, it is always welcome. Our first venue was a room in the back of “Heart of true worship International Church”.

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1. I rushed this little boy (Themba Lihle), on the verge of death, to hospital with TB. He was discharged almost immediately and told to return later the next week due to typical state resource shortages. Three weeks ago he was rushed to hospital again - this time the disease had progressed to TB Meningitis. There truly was no hope. That evening, many of us were called on to pray for his healing. The whole Alpha group prayed for him on the street, as part of a prayer meeting just before our session. Andie Steele-Smith shared testimony three weeks later with the community: “meet Themba Lihle.  Some of you will recall me asking that you join us in praying for little Themba Lihle who was rushed to hospital three weeks ago with multiple life-threatening illnesses. When he was carried unconscious into the emergency ward at Kraaifontein Hospital, but for the grace of God he would have died in the waiting room.  After a massive fight, Lihle has been sent home from hospital.   So back to the power in a name: Themba Lihle in iXhosa means ‘beautiful hope’ and what a beautiful hope he is.   These photos are all taken this evening in the squatter camp, less than three weeks ago even the good and caring doctors said point blank “there is nothing more that we can do for him”.   But God had a different and an infinitely better plan.   You can see by the cheeky smiles that our ‘beautiful hope’ is just that, a picture of ‘hope and a future’.   Today, Lihle bears testimony to the wonderful truth of Jeremiah 29:11 ‘plans to give you hope and a future’. Amen. Detur Gloria Soli Deo


A Few Testimonies of what God has done:

2. This young man’s name is Thabang. He is currently in grade 11 and one of the key leaders among the youth in our group.  One night, Thabang came to me and explained, rather sheepishly, about a dream he had had. In the dream somebody he had previously known (since passed away) met with him and showed Thabang a scripture. Having not owned a bible previously and not having had the chance to read it yet, he wasn't sure of whether or not this verse appeared in the Bible. He then paraphrased the scripture he had been shown. I encouraged him to bring his bible that evening and we would have a look for it together. As the evening was discussing the various ways God speaks to us (From Job 33) (Including dreams and obviously the primary method being the Bible) I decided to surprise him with the scripture I felt his dream related to (Joel 2:28-29). On reading the scripture this young man realized that the portion of scripture being read was the scripture revealed in his dream. I cannot truly describe the look of wonderment on his face when he realized that God is truly speaking to him. It really touched the others when they realized that they too can hear God speak and that He wants to speak to them!

3. Fisantekraal has quite a history of abusive relationships and violence - especially toward women and children. One lady in our group seemed to “push back” during the opportunity to engage with questions, and didn’t seem to have much hope for herself or for her time on Alpha. By week two however, she was really engaged and attentive to the videos and questions being asked. On week three I walked out of our venue to see her standing under a street light - If it is possible to change ones physical facial features, then it had happened to this girl. I couldn’t help myself and blurted out “you have had an encounter with Jesus Christ”, to which she responded in laughter and said yes - her life had been changed and she had met with Him. I can only describe her as a different person, different to the point where she had even “changed” physically!

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