Mweshi's Story

Mweshi's Story

Being a Christian for six years now, the study of the Bible is not something that has been unfamiliar to me but the explanations and the teaching in Alpha have brought about a new perspective in my approach to the Christian faith.

I am a person who always believes it’s always good to be in a position to learn because this in turn facilitates growth. This notion has proved to be true as I have gone through Alpha, I believe sometimes as people, after being exposed to something for so long we tend to grow familiar with whatever it is we are exposed to and I believe this has been my approach in the Christian faith but I had to let my guard down in order to be in a position to learn.

When Alpha was introduced to us, I was very excited about it but I never knew to what degree it would impact my spiritual growth and I am still trying to understand and grasp fully everything that was taught but one thing that is clear about Alpha, is that it is a tool that makes it easy to understand the dynamics of the Christian faith.

It’s really hard to put into words everything someone experiences as a Christian but somehow Alpha sheds light on a lot of experiences that we face as Christians in such an unbelievably simple manner. And that for me has been one of the greatest experiences of Alpha. Something that is also worth mentioning is the love that is shared during the stretch of the course. As a student we go through a lot, and the majority of the things we go through we are not able to share, this is both from a personal and an academic standpoint.

I strongly believe everyone experiences these challenges, particularly when we speak about faith as a young person, we have so many questions that we do not have the answers to.  Alpha answers most of these questions. Alpha presents a platform away from the conventional way of knowing and understanding faith and this is what I believe a lot of young people are most grateful for. The environment that is created is so unbelievable. I don’t think I have ever laughed or cracked so many jokes in any social gathering as much I did during Alpha. The love that is shared by everyone is truly something that can never be forgotten.  Alpha has been nothing short of amazing and I am glad I was given the opportunity to be part of it.

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