“I love leading and being a part of the Alpha team in my church!”

“I love leading and being a part of the Alpha team in my church!”


My name is Jonathan Olivier - father, husband and Alpha enthusiast. I work full time and I serve God full time.

I started as a small group helper on Alpha and today I lead the Alpha team at Somerset West Baptist Church where I have been a member for seven years. In the past I have attended various church courses but Alpha one of the first where I did not feel the cringe factor.

Witnessing God’s love transforming people’s lives over the ten weeks of Alpha always leaves me in awe and inspires me to continue to serve and lead on Alpha.

Our church leadership is right behind Alpha as we have realised that we need to do more to find the lost and Alpha really helps us to achieve this. The impact of Alpha on our volunteers is immense, and it is always such an eye opener to see how God provides for every need on Alpha.

In 2018 we have decided to embark on a new and innovative way of advertising Alpha. We want to tap into the pervading coffee culture and so have designed an Alpha branded coffee cup sleeve that displays the Alpha logo and a QR code. This links directly to the Helderberg Alpha website. With a coffee sleeve you have a captivated customer for at least 5 minutes!

I encourage everyone to get involved with Alpha in your local church!


To share YOUR STORY of Alpha or to connect and share ideas and training with a church running Alpha near you - contact Deborah deborah.newman@alphasa.co.za

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