Marriage Course Re-Make

Marriage Course Re-Make

Stop what you’re doing! We are unveiling something new!
6 things you need to know about the TMC Remake. To make you happy(ily ever after)...

1. Remind me of what’s happening?
We are remaking 7 sessions in TMC and the 5 sessions in TMPC, all hosted by Nicky and Sila Lee - Yay

2. Where are we up to in the filming process? We are now in the ‘Development’ phase. We’re working on the scripts and the ‘creative edits’ which includes planning animations, story films and filming locations.

3. A Global Product!
We are in the process of interviewing sofa couples, experts and vox pops from all over the world of different backgrounds and cultures.

4. Digital! 
As well as being available as a 'hard copy', it will be available ONLINE for leaders to purchase. Stay tuned for distribution plans.  

5. Confirmed Resources
We are pleased to confirm that there will also be NEW leaders' guides, guest manuals and training materials. All the goodies!

6. Updated Release Date
We are hoping to release the English-language version in late 2019 (for translations – check with your regional lead) and will keep you updated on a confirmed release date as we move into ‘Production’ and ‘Post Production’ phases in 2019 .
Look out for more updates as we finish the Development phase and enter into pre-production.

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