Alpha Action Cricket for Northfield Methodist Church

"We started our first Alpha Action Cricket season in January this year with ten players. At this stage it was all players who had previously attended Alpha, some numerous times.
The idea behind the cricket “outreach” was to take Alpha offsite from the church and have another social aspect to it.  Our goal was to have three teams by the end of this year, which is 24 players. We had such a tremendous response from current Alpha attendees/leaders/helpers, that we ended up having three teams in our second season which started in June. The cricket match is basically for anyone to play. If people joined us that were friends of players, whether or not they had attended Alpha, they were welcome. It so happened that we have reached this goal sooner than anticipated.

"We have had such great fun so far"

The whole cricket experience has brought us much closer. All three teams have a very close relationship. The love, friendship and “togetherness” has spread like wildfire. We have many supporters from the church coming to watch and support. In the first season we didn’t expect much as we were getting used to the fact of playing with each other. We ended up attaining a bronze medal. This season, one of the teams is laying first on the points log and the other is laying third. It has been extremely successful.
Over and above the fun, the idea is to spread the name of Jesus out in the cricket arena. All three teams wear the same shirts, advertising Alpha, advertising who we play for.
This has prompted many questions from other teams in the arena. Due to this, we have had two new people attend the current Alpha course due to seeing us at the arena, asking about it.

cricket 3.jpg

This is why we play

We are able to spread the name of Jesus, we are open to any inquisitive people asking about Alpha and the best of all, we are having and absolute blast doing it.  Before the teams play, we all get on our knees to pray and ask for God's blessing on the arena, the teams, the players and the umpire. What an opportunity and what an experience this has been! We have been in situations where the we have been able to pray with the other team, together after the game.
The management of the arena have come on board as well and out of the funds that we pay to play on a weekly basis, we have been absolutely blessed to be able to organize a lunch for over 200 elderly folk at our church campus. We are doing a lunch, having live music, games, photography and just allowing God to bless some of the elderly that struggle with loneliness." - Cuan De Vries


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