Meet Our New Team Members: Jolene, Mandy & Louise

Meet Jolene - Alpha National Office Coordinator

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My name is Jolene Yolande Abraham.  I am a born and bred Capetonian and I am currently studying at CPUT.  I have lived in Athlone all of my life and I worked at the Trade, Investment & Tourism Marketing organisation for Cape Town & Western Cape (WESGRO). I am married (almost 10 years) to Grant Abrahams.  We have a dog and no kids (yet).

My vision is to coordinate and assist the team to the best of my ability..

My role at Alpha will be the National Alpha Office Coordinator. My vision is to coordinate and assist the team to the best of my ability, to make our Alpha office administration smooth and to ensure that the administration is sound and that the vision and targets are met and exceeded. 

Meet Mandy - Global Invitation 2016 Coordinator for Alpha SA


I am Mandy Lyn Fisher and I was born and bred in Cape Town. I escaped to Durban for a decade, where I learnt to surf and put the "uh" in "fuhsh". I came back to matriculate at Camps Bay High School and spent 4 years at UCT, majoring in Marketing and Economics. I met my gorgeous husband Gary in my final year. I spent 9 months hitch hiking and working around the Mediterranean, from Israel to France. Gary and I spent another 18 months travelling and working through the USA. We got engaged in Paris on the way home, settled back into Hout Bay, Cape Town and married life.

I started REAL work as a TV and Radio Assistant Producer for Y&R Ad agency. I then moved into the Cellular world, as it took off in SA, managing the Cape Town office and all things marketing, PR and client liaison in the Coastal regions of SA. At this stage I started questioning life and my purpose and wanted a change, but didn’t know what I was looking for. After never having been to church, or feeling a need for God, I began a windy road through many spiritual avenues, eventually arriving at a church - where 3 weeks later I prayed for salvation. Six months later I started an Alpha course and encountered the Holy Spirit. Gary and I have been involved ever since in running small and big Alpha’s from our house, our church and our boys’ school.

I am SO EXCITED to get back into working - but this time for the Gospel in trusting God to transform lives in our beautiful country

We now have 3 boys: Jason (17), Troy (14) and Rourke (11). I set up an inbound tour operation with a friend and we ran it for 5 years together before I sold my share so that I could be a full-time mom. I have been assisting at my boys’ school, getting involved in their lives and sport and supporting my husband and running Alpha's for a decade now and am SO EXCITED to get back into working - but this time for the Gospel in trusting God to transform lives in our beautiful country.

I am employed part time as the Alpha Coordinator for the Global Invitation 2016 project. I see it as a huge challenge and incredible opportunity to inspire and work alongside new and existing churches and the regional Alpha offices to invite the next generation of South Africans to #TryAlpha. Our vision is to reach over 4 million young adults with trendy new advertising and branding that will encourage sign up to Alpha's all over SA!

Meet Louise - Gauteng Office Coordinator

My name is Louise Angela Botha and I was born in Bloemfontein but moved to Johannesburg when I was 4 and have lived here ever since.  I studied at UJ to be a lawyer and had a brief period of practicing, both at a small firm in Northcliff and on the disciplinary committee for UJ, before giving it up to pursue an adventure with the Lord. That adventure included a few trips to London and the immense privilege of joining HTB and even doing Alpha at the very home of Alpha! I am married and have a beautiful baby girl, named Jemma Charlotte.

Alpha has played a very significant role in my spiritual walk.

I first committed to serving the Lord wholeheartedly on the Holy Spirit weekend of my first Alpha and since then have served as a facilitator and co-facilitator on numerous courses, including some run at Leeuwkop Prison. I know firsthand that Alpha is a powerful tool that continues to be used by God to transform the lives of people and because of this I am passionate about my role in helping to spread Alpha to as many churches and individuals as possible.  My vision as part of the team: “With God as our guide, let’s reach 10% of the population by 2020 and evangelize the nation and transform society!”

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